Get Involved

For Corporations


Looking for socially responsible marketing strategies for your brand? Want to attract customers and talent to your business? Join our CSR program.

  • Increase brand exposure and attract new customers
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Strengthen corporate culture and team work
  • Improve brand image
  • Tax deduction

For Charities


Want to attract more supporters or raise more funds? Start a campaign with us.

  • Increase exposure
  • Engage communities and attract supporters
  • Raise and receive funds


For Individuals


Want to make an impact on people’s lives? Start a campaign with us, become a volunteer, a Fithearts Athlete or a Fithearts Ambassador.

  • For you: feel good, stay active, reduce stress, and connect with your community.
  • For others: give back, changes lives, and make an impact.
  • Effectively engage and mobilize people in an enjoyable and fulfilling way. We are “fun”raising.



“Thank you very much for sponsoring our children, with all your effort you are giving a chance to two underprivileged children to access education and succeed in life.”

Marie-Lucie spoke
CRC, China


“Sponsoring FITHEARTS wasn’t for us only a good way to give back, but also an incredible opportunity to share our values and beliefs. At gre3n, we believe in the benefits of these actions on our brand image and botton line.”

Thames Wangpatravanich
Gre3n, China


"Thierry, you have worked so very hard to help our kids in Kenya, you can't imagine how much this means to us, but the impact your organization have had on some of the poorest children is totally huge. Asante Sana—thank you.”

Alan Coyne