Be Active. Give Back. Change Lives.


Who We Are

We are FITHEARTS, a sport and fitness community passionate about reducing inequalities. Our vision is to promote physical wellness, empower people to live a healthy, active lifestyle and inspire people to take action and give back to the community. We believe every life is equal, and we focus on helping those in greatest need.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to mobilise and engage the world for good. We aim to alleviate poverty and reduce inequalities through our three areas of focus:


Foster Education

Influence a brighter future through improved health, equality, and higher income. 


Enhance Healthcare

Increase productivity, prosperity, and happiness. 


Promote Physical Wellness

Build character and moral with improved physical and mental well-being.


We believe quality education, healthcare, and physical activity are powerful weapons of change and the path out of poverty.


Our Impact

We believe in making our impact accessible and transparent to the public. Projects and organisations we decide to fund are rigorously assessed to ensure sustainable results. We monitor and evaluate key performance indicators that hold us accountable, and allow us to measure the effectiveness of our actions.



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How We Work

Giving is an easy matter, and in every man’s power. But to decide whom to give to, for what purpose, how large, when, and how to provide the support is neither in every man’s power nor an easy task. For this reason, every charitable project we support are rigorously assessed with due diligence by our board and partners to ensure we collaborate with trustworthy, charitable organisations.

Our collaboration with grantees and partners are crucial, and support from corporations, communities, and individuals make the success happen. We strive to engage the community in a spirit of trust, open communication, and transparency.


“We are an agent for good seeking to drive positive change on a global scale. We don’t just care, we do."

Thierry Melango


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